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A new technological lace patented by Ricamificio Levi

levi band

A romantic game of the full and the empty on accessories and clothes. Sensual, intriguing and languidly seventeenth-century. Black is provocative, nude color is mischievous. It takes just a detail and lace with its transparencies turn the look very feminine.

Yes that’s right, we’re talking about laces. We have to make it clear because the laces by Ricamificio Levi are very original laces. They’re even protected by an international patent, registered in 2013 for textile product manufactured with embroidery machines. Actually Ricamificio Levi for this collection made a huge bet on technology empowering a new original idea for the production of a highly technical product. It’s an idea that goes far beyond design, which can be personal and client exclusive. Here lace is reconsidered and changes its characteristics a bit.

Now we have between our fingers a piece with a texture that’s closer to a plastic sculpture than cotton but certainly very soft to the touch. Very light and super malleable, it eases down on the curves of every body shape and so it becomes a functional item for a modern woman, always on the alert when it comes to figure, and above all always on the run to commit to each and every single adventure everyday life presents. We could almost dare to say that this lace has a new skin that goes more like sporty-chic, because it’s really leisurely comfortable.

levi band 2

All this without losing its natural features of beauty and extreme elegance and preciousness! Yes because, this lace may be extremely wearable and may look like a common item, but in fact, it can be seen a lot in high fashion, sewed by major stylists on the international runways, in part for its price that’s a bit more expensive than a normal lace, in part for its original and revolutionary personality and in part for its unchanged refinement and the skill for embroidery with that taste of “antique tailoring that recalls an old time and genuine femininity.

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