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Angela Cappi and the Italian character key players at Pitti Filati 75

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The 75th edition of Pitti Filati has come to end with a bang, confirmed, this year as well, as the experimental observatory where trends are analyzed and launched. With MADE IN as the title-theme, it explored the added value of the quality certification of a product made according to traditional methods with the highest possible craft-content while using the finest methods and most advanced technologies.

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MADE IN is a journey through the cultural traceability that promotes national, regional and local specificities. It's clear that with a presentation like that, the participation of Angela Cappi in this journey comes out naturally, her being the badge of Italian quality. In particular, this year right out the trend area "Made in" supervised by Angelo Figus, we'll show you two shots inspired by the fairytale world that really look like one of the 6 themes of the latest edition of Knit Point f/w 15-16 by Angela Cappi: a naif taste based on tales from the woods, where we have vegetable and animal elements together with northern and Caucasian folk patterns, and with tapestry and wallpaper motives.

In general, by the way, what comes out of Pitti Fialti is a renewed attention to the Italian character as a basic element for many fashion brands and after a few static editions, it may be by chance but the 75th has been much more lively in terms of crowd, with lots of positive and satisfied comments. Datas confirm these first impressions. The total attendance figures reached finally the presence of 5,200 buyers: +8% compared to one year ago. Foreign attendance continued to grow at a steady pace, registering a rise of almost 9,5%, with a total that reached almost 2,800 buyers. The figures for Italy were also on the up registering +6%, with the number of buyers totaling around 2,400. The excellences of International yarn spinning now looks at the next seasons with a little bit more of optimism and surely with a smile.

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