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The matched, the new way to match materials


A new technique is about to become the new trend for next seasons: the matched. Irony around the term aside, irony aflamed by that typical mischievousness of summer days adventures, the whole thing is based on the “old” idea of matching different materials in one single item, with very innovative outputs.

A good example can be easily found in the latest edition of Knit Point the trendbook by Angela Cappi, where we can see a beautiful pink knitted weave that in spots is covered by a layer of plastic that turns the fabric even waterproof, for a very particular effect.

Matches possibilities are potentially limitless, for the happiness of the most groundbreaking stylists. From different kind of wools, to cloth combinations with leather, lurex, laces even up to knits with metallic threads.

Obviously, not everyone will be able to produce such difficult items, because when it comes to joining different fabrics or other textile structures, production issues will surely arise, mainly related to differences in elasticity of the components. This makes even more sophisticated and exquisite an output.


An output that will have also a lot of very positive aspects. We’re talking about very versatile and multi functional structures here as to start with, just like the waterproof knit from Angela Cappi’s Knit Point, which combines the positive features of the part it is made of. Furthermore we can talk about aesthetics. In these cases imagination can run wild, to recreate any kind of pattern, from black leather checks on black knit, to layers of velvet on jacquard in shades of brown, or, as mentioned before, metal inserts in the fabric.

In other words, let imagination run free without any fear to dare and, why not, without any fear to use a pinch of mischievousness.

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